Ever wondered what happened to the quality of construction that once grazed the business arena, which has always been one of the best tools used to organizing and putting together the construction projects that left the business and clients buzzing satisfaction and yearning for more in all the different spheres of the different industries and business arena, with the right co-ordinate use and correlation of the relevant material, quality services of construction Project and Supply Management that can be the best tools that can be utilized to provide a profitable platform of good service delivery across the market that is of high standard management cost and saving of high quality.


Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd is a Construction Projects Management company service provider with the experience and the skilled to assist you in providing Projects Management solution tailor-made to ensure exceptional of most if not all your levels and processes of services delivery across board. To achieve this, the choice of technology in related projects together of the selection of resourceful good management and supplier partner are the defining moments on your organization’s road to success.

Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd is home to the creative, innovative of construction Projects Management Company, own by black 100% share known as SIYABULELA THATHO. Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd established in 2019 with a goal of providing Construction Service Management and other related solutions that are over the edge and exceptionally targeted with a service focused orientated ideology. The staff compliment of the company is headed by the director that are responsible for range from Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Analysis, Business Development, Strategic High-level business operation and Marketing respectively. The company’s strength is its Project Management and Marketing expertise acquired through different levels of experiences. The above-mentioned collective is the propellant that ensures delivery of precision customer satisfaction continually assessing all competition. Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd experience in the business arena has been nurtured over a period of physical implementation and dedicated business suppliers. We perceive Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd as a mortal with two passions: the first is how we are constantly thriving to improve our Projects Management and maintain good relationship with clients and suppliers.

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Cape Safety Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd is committed to health, safe and environmentally friendly work ethics coupled with quality service offering. We adhere to accepted regulations as way of doing our day-to-day business dealing with all our stakeholders. We are committed to continual improvement in performance.
We commit ourselves to zero harm to people employees and site users including passer-byes) on site where we work, protection of environment, efficiency and total customers satisfaction and adding value to our shareholders using ethical business means in doing so.
Our management system is consistent with national and internationally accepted construction standard legislation and other relevant requirements.